Airstream Wanderings – An Introduction

Hole in the wall Campground, Grand Mannan, CanadaThe purpose of this new blog is to chronicle a 5 week trip on my Airstream from Bangor, ME to Yellowstone National Park and back. This trip will be a family affair as I will be joined not only by my son, Nate, but also by my sister and her son, as well as my girlfriend and her kids at different stages of the trip.

The plan is for me to travel from Bangor, ME to Bozeman, MT by myself over a period of a week. I will be making a few stops along the way to photograph the sights. I will then be joined by the rest of the gang in Bozeman for a 2 week adventure in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National parks. After those two weeks everyone else will fly back home except for Nate who will join me on a 2 week trip back home while we stop at some to enjoy some of the parks and sights along the way.

My goal is to upload a post at least once every two days, but please don’t hold me to that, as family obligations and access to the internet may prevent me from posting.

If you’d like to follow along you can check this website periodically or click on the “subscribe” button near the top to receive email notifications when new posts are uploaded.

Lastly feel free to post any questions or comments here, I will do my best to answer each one.




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