Departure – 6/20/14


I am typically an early riser, somewhere along the way my internal alarm clock was set for 5am and rarely if ever does it refuse to go off at the appointed time. The only need I have had to set an alarm clock has been when taking a super early flight somewhere and I needed to get up before my built-in alarm. My plan for departing on my 2700 mile drive from Maine to Montana was to leave between 5:30 and 6am today. I was running a little late and departed closer to 6:30am.

The longest I have driven in a consecutively was approximately 2100 miles from Bangor, Maine to Orlando Florida and then to Pittsboro North Carolina and I did that in just two and a half days. It was not good. I was dead tired after that drive and the long driving days left me with neck pain for the following few months. For this trip I wanted to keep my pace at 500-500 miles a day, max. That means that it would take me approximately 5 days to get to Bozeman where I am to meet the rest of my family as they fly in from Maine and Puerto Rico.

However I do not plan of driving for 5 days solidly without making a few stops. I will most certainly make a few stops along the way to make some images. I have few concrete plans for locations to stop and will make stops as the mood strikes me. I have planned on one stop in NY to make some images and from there I don’t expect to make many more images until I get to South or North Dakota. I have not yet made the decision as to which of the Dakotas I will travel through. On the one hand South Dakota has some spectacular locations to visit. Places like Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Bandlands, and more. North Dakota has Fargo… Well I am sure there are other places to see in ND, I just don’t know that much about ND.

On my return trip with Nate (my son) we will be traveling through South Dakota visiting all those wonderful places I mentioned above, so maybe I should travel through North Dakota on the way west. Decisions, Decisions.

So the plan for today is to drive the 550 miles to Watkins State Park in upstate New York. I have heard so much of this place, and the images I have seen have been nothing short of spectacular.

Well, off I go!

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