Watkins Glen State Park, NY – 6/21/14

Watkins Glen

I got to Watkins Glen late in the afternoon yesterday and after safely parking the the Airstream at my campsite I immediately grabbed my camera and tripod and made my way down to the Gorge from the trail that descends into the gorge right from the campground.

As I reached the gorge I was immediately struck by how spectacular this gorge is. What is just as remarkable as the natural beauty of this park is the stonework and path along the gorge. I counted at least 3 bridges and 3 tunnels including a spiral tunnel as well as a path underneath the cavern cascade.
Watkins Glen

There where surprisingly few people exploring the gorge, yet they all seem to always get in the way of making good images. It took quite a bit of patience to wait for the people to make their way and allow me to make my images.

I made another trip this morning and was rewarded by a completely empty gorge which made image making that much easier.
Watkins Glen

I was very inspired by Watkins Glen. My only complaint, is that I wished there was more of it. The gorge path is 1.5 miles long, and the best part is in about a 3/4 mile section. If you are in the area and have more time, you can also visit Robert Treman State Park which is just a few miles away and looks very interesting. I did not get a chance to go as I had to depart if I was to make my goal of 500-600 miles for the day, so I left the campground at around 9am.

If you are in the area I would highly recommend taking a quick trip to Watkins Glen State Park, the campground was excellent, and very well taken care of.

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