Blue Earth Minnesota – 6/22/14

Just as I suspected, I have not really made any images since Watkins Glen, I feel kinda of in a hurry to get to South Dakota. Yes I made the decision to travel through South Dakota mostly because I am itching to make more images.

I have made lot’s of progress in the past couple of days. I am only 969 miles from Bozeman, MT. Tonight I am staying at the small town of Blue Earth, MN. Home of the Green giant, just a few towns past the Spam museum. And no I did not stop. Not a big fan of Spam.

What is great about this little town is that right at their very active fairgrounds that have about 8 fantastic FREE campsites with full hookups! This is a first for me, a nice looking campground with full hookups that is completely free for the first night. Since I am just passing through this suits me just fine.

There is a Dairy Queen, a MacDonalds and a Walmart all within walking distance. The only drawback is that the power tree only has 15 and 50 amp outlets, and my airstream uses 30amps. I do have a 30-15 amp converter, but a 50-30am converter would have been ideal. I have been meaning to get one for a long time, but honestly, the reason I have not gotten one is because I have never run into this situation before. So I made a quick trek to the Walmart to see if they had any adapters, and sadly they did not. So I am stuck with 15amp service tonight.

Oh and what about the Green Giant, you ask…. well here is the story:

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