Badlands National Park – 6/23/14


I arrived at Badlands early afternoon after a much shorter drive than what has been the usual the past few days, and my butt welcomed the change. Upon entering badlands I was immediately impressed by it’s formations and how fragile they seemed. Then I was horrified by the sight of people climbing all over the formations as I thought that they must be irreparably damaging them. The formations seemed nothing more than piles of loose soil, but upon closer inspection it was easy to see that the formations are very solid, yes there is some loose soil but they feel and resemble concrete, so no need to fear for their fragility.

The loop road is a must, as it takes you through all of the major formations and offers a number of viewpoints along the way. I found myself stopping at every one of them and trying to figure out which would be best for sunset and for sunrise.

However being a wildlife photographer, I was truly captivated by the hundreds if not thousands of prairie dogs in the park. But I will follow up with post with another post with some images of some of the wildlife here.


Check below this quick timelapse of my drive through the main section of the loop road near sunset.

BTW, if you are looking to camp in Badlands I recommend the “Badlands Interior Campground” which is in the town of “Interior” (yes I know very confusing) just outside the south entrance. I found it MUCH nicer than the campground inside the park.

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