Beartooth Highway, MT – 6/30/14

After everyone arrived into Bozeman, provisions where procured and we picked up the second RV from Cruise America, we made the trip into the Yellowstone to our campground at Fishing Bridge. The Fishing Bridge campground is the only campground inside Yellowstone with full hookups. With a contingent of 7 people we most definitely need hookups so on this trip we were, unfortunately, limited to campgrounds with hookups. I would characterize Fishing Bridge more as a parking lot than a campground, nothing endearing about it, except maybe all the “log forts” built by kids that are scattered all about. To make matters worse the mosquito situation was truly horrible, not quite to the level of the deep woods of Maine in June, but so horrible we were not able to spend much time outside at all.


Our first full day in the park was spent outside the park, kind of ironic, but if you knew the Beartooth highway, you would know why. Early in the morning we exited the park via the northeast entrance into the small town of Cook City and onto the Beartooth highway. This road has been called the most scenic road in the US and I fully support that designation. You get to climb up to 11,500 feet and enjoy the some of the most spectacular views anywhere. At 11,500 feet, even in the middle of the summer it get’s cold. So we were all forced to wear every single piece of warm clothing we brought with us, but the views and experience made it well worth it.


I am not that eloquent with words as to even be able to begin to describe the Beartooth Highway. Instead, here is a short video of the drive back down to give you a sense of it all.

Oh one last thing, while on the Beartooth, Nate, my son, made some friends with some chipmunks. Check it out.


And here is a short video that is pretty funny.

Apologies for the vertical video, I shot this using my iPhone and vertical seemed like the best way to capture it.

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