Grizzly Morning – 7/3/2014


Everyone wants to see a Grizzly when visiting Yellowstone, unfortunately, or maybe thankfully, most of us get to to see them only at a distance. Well this morning we got a special treat. While scanning Hayden Valley early in the morning we spotted this bear about 200-300 yards out, a good respectable distance to view it with binoculars and scopes. We where one of the first ones to spot this bear and as we watched it many cars started to accumulate at the nearest pullout.


We got a big surprise when the bear started to make it’s way in our general direction and we got a real treat as the bear passed between the cars at the pullout and crossed the road.


No need to worry about anyones safety though, I kept the required distance (100 yards) and there was a park ranger on hand to ensure people stayed in their vehicles and no one got too close.


What a treat!

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