Trout Lake – 7/3/2014

Trout lake is without a doubt my favorite hike in Yellowstone NP. Almost everyone I have taken here has always commented how this is the most idillic lake (or pond) they have ever been to. If you get here at the right time of year (like we where fortunate to do this time around) the fields will be full of wildflowers, and the trout will be spawning.

The lake it self is not very big, but if you make here in the mornings you will be treated to a spectacular reflection of the mountains above. No wonder you almost always will find one or two en-plein-air painters capturing the splendor of Trout lake. Make sure to bring a picnic lunch and make it a morning, or a whole day.

This year year we where very fortunate to get here when the Cutthroat trout where spawning. I was able to capture a bit of their behavior using a GoPro video camera.

Make sure not to miss this hike on your next trip to Yellowstone.

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