Snake River Overlook – 7/5/2014

The Snake River Overlook was memorialized by Ansel Adams, probably the most recognized american landscape photographer, and because of this, this location has got to be the most photographed location in Grand Tetons National Park. And even though I have made dozens of images here, some drawing heavily on the inspiration that Adams has provided, I still can’t help by stop by and make some images whenever I visit the park.

The view today is somewhat different than when Adams made his historic image, for one the trees where a lot smaller, still recovering from logging, yet the view is still just as spectacular. The “s” curve in the river reflects the light from the sky providing a perfect foreground and anchor for the majestic tetons.

As beautiful as the image a the top of this post taken at sunset, I still prefer this image of Nate with the tetons in the background.

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