Rafting down the Snake River – 7/6/2014


The Snake River is such a scenic river, but to gain a different perspective of the river and the Tetons that loom above it, there is nothing like actually getting down on the water and gently float down the river. This is one of my favorite things to do in the Tetons. The ride takes about 3 hours and its time well spent.



You can arrange for the float trips at The Jackson Lake Lodge or by phone. You will be expertly guided by their highly trained river guides. Take the opportunity to talk to your guide and ask them about their work, you will be fascinated by the lives some of these “river rats” live.


Not only will you gain a different point of view of the mountains, but you may get lucky and spot a moose feeding along the river. I suggest taking the early morning floats, really the early the better. The light will be much more pleasant and your chances of seeing wildlife will increase. Besides this seeing this moose cow feeding along the river, we spotted numerous deer about about half a dozen bald eagles.

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